Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordpress Plugin Takes Advantage of Non-Converting Blog Traffic

I found a really cool wordpress plugin today called Monster Clicks....just take a look at what it can do.

MonsterClicks – Here is the features of the plugin

Automatic Cloaking
MonsterClicks incorporates the ability to cloak pages dynamically. All you have to do is create sets with pre-defined criteria and as the pages are built for you, so is the cloaking.

Manual Cloaking
You have the ability to “edit” any post and do a manual override of the cloaking function. Do you have a post that is getting ranked well and want to send all of the visitors directly to an affiliate offer? Perhaps you have a pre-existing site with established traffic and want to cloak visitors to a new page with updated information. MonsterClicks.com can do it all!

Spider Detection Based on UA (User Agent)
MonsterClicks incorporates a vast database of UA (User Agents) to detect spiders. If the Google bot comes to your site for a visit, then MonsterClicks.com will show the non cloaked version of the page.

Spider Detection Based on IP Address
We constantly update the MonsterClicks database of IP’s of known agents and bots.

Automatic Site Builder
Are you too lazy to build your own site? Don’t worry, I am too! With a few clicks of a button you can now build a MASSIVE Wordpress site automatically and have every page cloaked dynamically. This is one of the best tricks known on the internet today.

RSS Feed Scraper
By scrapping RSS feeds your blog is constantly up to date with the information and keywords you have defined. There is no need for you to even write your own content, MonsterClicks.com does it all.

Back Date Post to Make Your Blog Appear Older
Want to make your blog look 3 years old? No Problem! Just back date the post and MonsterClicks.com will back date and fill in the post.

Set a forward date so that your blog will continually produce content
Want to keep posting and forget you even own a blog? Just set a date into the future and MonsterClicks.com will keep scraping the RSS feeds and updating your blog for you. The Entire time each post will be cloaked to an affiliate offer.

Use this plugin to take advantage of all your blog traffic that is non-converting. You can use it for a single post, a couple of posts or the entire blog. One or two affiliate sales and the plugin is paid for!

Check out this video:

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