Thursday, February 19, 2009

WordpressCrusher Review and WordPress Bonus!

Last week I got an email from Robert Plank, I thought it was just another promotion. To my surprise is was a bonus for purchasing the Wordpress Crusher Package! I did a review at Wordpress Crusher Review.

How many times have you've gotten a bonus or extra material of any value when purchasing a product?

Kudos go out to Mr. Plank for his generosity and the fact that he gives a rip about his customers :) you want to know what he sent?

This guy is smart....a very smart marketer!

He created a wordpress blog, turned it into a password protected blog and posted some genuine bonus content related to wordpress plugins and the tutorial package I purchased called WordpressCrusher.

He created a plugin that rotates content, this wordpress plugin can rotate just about any type of content on your page. The best part is that he created a screen capture video, about 60 minutes long, that shows exactly how he built the plugin. If you want to learn how to build wordpress plugins, then you really need to check out WordPress Crusher.

Grab a copy of Wordpress Crusher and watch out for the extra bonus plugins that Robert provides!

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