Sunday, February 8, 2009

Build a Wordpress Plugin with Wordpress Crusher for RSS Based Autoblogging

Robert Plank's Wordpress Crusher shows you how to create a wordpress plugin that uses rss feeds for autoblogging. Just think ....... your own plugin that he further teaches you to tweak and as you read and understand his course, you'll begin to dream up your own variations of simple plugins and have he information that will allow you to make the changes necessary for your own unique plugin that you can either sell or give away!

For more Wordpress Crusher Review.

RSS-Based Autoblogging: Why My WordPress Blogs Get More Comments, Repeat Visitors and Sales Than Yours... and I've Never Written a Single Post on Most of Them!

  • Use a secret plugin to automatically import as many RSS feeds as you want, as often or as rarely as you want... use either full article RSS feeds or simple news feeds... to keep your blog content as updated and fresh as possible, without you having to lift a finger.
  • How to get your plugins to respond to shortcode so you can add repetitious items onto your blog posts with ease!
  • Embed Camtasia or YouTube videos as easily as you can type a URL... the days of WordPress breaking your special video codes are over!
  • Get your WordPress plugin to edit anything in the database for you... this means you can distribute plugins that store lots and lots of information, without the usual customer support headache for installations! Now your users can install your scripts with one click.

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