Thursday, February 5, 2009

WordpressCrusher Teaches How to Build Wordpress Plugins

I got an email the other day from Robert Plank for a new tutorial series called Wordpress Crusher and it teaches you how to build wordpress plugins!

I've always wanted to build wordpress plugins so I immediately purchased Wordpress Crusher! I'm watching the Video Tutorials now and I'm amazed at how easy it is to build a wordpress plugin......even I think I can do it! Stay tuned, as I finished watching and reading, I'll let you know what kind of plugins I make.

Below is the email I recieved from Robert Plank regarding Wordpress Crusher and building wordpress plugins.

Hey guys,

After that last e-mail you got from me, you might
be wondering what I've been up to lately. I've
been having a lot of fun coding some WordPress
(blog) plugins from scratch.

In fact, I've made so many WordPress plugins in
the past couple of weeks that I made "PHP
templates" for them. If I want to make a sidebar
widget... I open a file and fill a couple things

If I want to make a plugin that does database
stuff... for example, a plugin that ethically
bribes my users by giving them a present if they
leave 5 comments, I open that template.

If I want to make a plugin that responds to new
blog posts... like automatically copying each
post I make onto Twitter for social marketing, I
open that template.

I've got 7 of those kinds of templates. You can
handle posts, custom fields that apply to the
whole WordPress blog, custom fields that only
apply to specific posts, embed video and other
"repetitious" code... just fill stuff in with
PHP code.

Quick question for you.

Let's say I just gave you a plugin that allowed
you to drip feed your articles into your blog...
upload a zip file containing a bunch of text
files, each representing an article... and you
could specify you want those articles to get
scheduled 1 week apart, 4 days apart, 72 hours
apart, and so on. You could also tell WordPress
what time of day you wanted to post the articles.

Would that be worth $47 to you, to save hours and
hours of work? Because that's what a couple of
people are selling those plugins for.

If you went to anyone else, that would cost you
$47 just for that one plugin... but with me...
that's not even 1/16th of what you get!

You read right. If you have NO interest in
learning WordPress plugins, I'll give you 9
plugins that do everything from regularly import
multiple full RSS feeds content as blog posts...
so you don't have to update your blog anymore.

Automate the call-to-actions asking people to
leave comments. Show the number of posts,
comments, and video available on your blog.
Publish posts from your drafts if a ton of people
comment (the ten comment rule!) Should I keep

Just to sum up, the package I'm going to offer
you TODAY... contains those 9 plugins,
plus 7 fill-in-the blank templates... plus
detailed PDF documentation, plus a 20 to 40
minute video showing how I made the plugin, and
how to use the plugin... so you can make any
changes you want.

If any of this sounds good to you, make sure to
take a look at this URL:

p.s. Yep, no pre-launching this time, I'm just
dumping this offer on you. Take it or leave it.
I'm selling 100 copies above $17, 100 copies
above $27, 100 copies above $37, and so on.

p.p.s. Thanks a ton for your replies yesterday...
I got over 75 responses to "what is your most
needed WordPress plugin" ... and I got about 60
solid ideas to work on for the bonus plugins to
this package.

One more thing, the price is still around $ you can pick up a copy at his discounted roll out price. Each purchase makes the price go higher, I've seen Roberts tools and tutorials go from $5 to $100 in a couple of days. Even if you pay full price, and many do, it is well worth the cost. I say that without any hype or bribery. I have a son in college, about $25,000 a year. Back in the day it cost me $5,000 a year.

What's my point?

Any of Robert Plank's courses are equal fact exceed anything you could learn in college. You see, what you learn in a hundred dollar course from Robert is a condensed and application form of php programming and internet marketing. Real programming and real marketing that makes real money.

I've said it before....I really don't like heaping praise on Mr. Plank, he's a bit of a young punk with a big head, but when you're good....well, you're good.

Check out WordpressCrusher or if you prefer Wordpress Crusher today and start cranking out your own wordpress plugins!

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