Monday, February 16, 2009

How Wordpress Crusher Manipulates Your Website Visitors

Unique Ways to Use WordPress to Get Your Visitors to Do Anything You Want (95% of Marketers Overlook This)....Using Wordpress Crusher

* Ethically bribe your visitors to leave comments on your blog every single day... this is the same technique I've used on my blog for over a year to make sure that none of the entries have less than 10 comments, and one entry has nearly 100 comments. Now, I've found a way to automate it! How many comments does your blog have? Want more?

  • How to get your WordPress plugins to e-mail visitors, e-mail you, or perform any action the instant you make a new blog post.

  • Abolish social media sites that suck up time... now you can instantly re-post all your blog entries to the Twitter social network without having to login, ever again.

  • Allow visitors to limit the reach of your plugins to only affect specific posts they choose.

  • Use the amount of videos, posts and comments to impress your visitors and get them to stay longer on your site.

Wordpress Crusher will teach you how to develop your own wordpress plugins, however, it comes with the source code for 7 plugins that can actually be used as templates for making an unlimited number of wordpress plugins.

Wordpress Crusher isn't for the newbie, however, not being a php expert myself.....I have learned how to build wordpress plugins from the video tutorials and pdf documents provided by Robert Plank.

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