Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Build Wordpress Plugins

Build WordPress Plugins in a Couple of Minutes, While Your Competitors Are Still Struggling to Make Them From Scratch....or Paying Someone!

After getting your hands on these WordPress plugin templates, you'll be able to whip up a WordPress plugin that you can install on your blog -- or all your blogs -- to improve the way it behaves.

You can learn how to build wordpress plugins from scratch, or edit one of the basic wordpress plugin templates to build your own wordpress plugin.

If you've used WordPress blogging software for any length of time then you know that you tend to install a few plugins to make it behave exactly the way you want. Plugins to track visitors, backup your blog, stop comment spam in its tracks, generate sitemaps, show related posts...

But what about the plugins that don't exist yet? Surely there's something you want your blog to do right this second, that no existing WordPress plugin can do for you. How awesome would it be if you could build a wordpress plugin!

That's why I've got these 9 ready-made plugins and 31 minutes of quick start videos to drip-feed articles and RSS, embed videos, bribe for comments, re-post blog entries to Twitter, and much more!

For you curious types out there, I've also got an additional 4.7 hours of video, 7 pages of fill-in-the-blank PHP templates, and 86 pages of very easy to read PDF instructions so you can figure out exactly how the plugin was made... and re-use existing code to make your own plugins in 10% of the time it would normally take on your own.

Make some info appear as a sidebar widget, rewrite existing blog entries, respond to new blog posts and comments, and more! You are limited to your imagination when you build wordpress plugin.

Or, apply these plugins as-is! These are actual working WordPress plugins -- that allow you to do everything from copying your WordPress posts to Twitter, reward readers for leaving comments, automatically import articles and RSS feeds, and more.

You'll find all this in a new tutorial series where you'll learn build wordpress plugin on your and this series is called WordpressCrusher! Complete screen capture video and pdf tutorials!

Check out Wordpress Crusher might even find a substantial discount :)

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